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❝ Gordon Jenkins will be a judge who will serve fairly. Gordon’s responses to our questions showed a humanity and a self-reflectiveness that are of value for a judge in the ‘people’s court.’ ❞

Riveters Collective of Whatcom County

Whatcom County District Court is truly a community-level court. From serious criminal cases down to name changes and traffic issues, one day in District Court impacts countless lives in Whatcom County. Our District Court Judges should work every day to deliver a fair, just, and swift process. 

Gordon Jenkins will be that kind of judge. Gordon brings an unparalleled record of experience, fairness, and trustworthiness.

  • Experience. As Senior Deputy Prosecutor, Gordon has tackled some of Whatcom County’s most difficult cases, including homicide, domestic violence, and sexual assault. He understands victims’ rights and the importance of community safety. As a defense attorney working with indigent individuals, Gordon zealously advocated for his clients, ensuring their rights were protected and their voices heard. Gordon's exceptional balance of experience would make him a highly effective District Court judge.

  • Balance. Having worked as both a prosecutor and defense attorney, Gordon knows the issues on both sides of the courtroom. This balance of experience has earned him support from jurists and community leaders across Whatcom County. That includes County Executive Satpal Sidhu, County Prosecutor Eric Richey, State Representative Sharon Shewmake, former Whatcom County Prosecutor Dave McEachran, Whatcom County Superior Court Judge Evan Jones, and many more. Democrats, Republicans, and Independents from every corner of Whatcom County support Gordon. They know he will bring fairness and experience to the District Court bench.

  • Integrity. With experience in both drug court and mental health court programs. Gordon believes that addressing the contributing causes of crime, like mental illness and addiction, can reduce the chances of re-offending and help make the community safer. As Judge, Gordon will remain committed to using treatment alternatives where it serves justice and the community. He also understands the importance of seeking justice for victims. Gordon has the integrity and thoughtfulness to make the complex, important decisions required by a District Court Judge. 

Everyone who enters District Court deserves to be treated with respect and fairness. Whether it's delivering justice to victims of violent crime or resolving a contested parking ticket, we need judges who understand the importance of local courts in lives across Whatcom County.

Gordon Jenkins has the proven experience to ensure the District Court experience is fast, thoughtful, and just. Vote Gordon Jenkins for Whatcom County District Court Judge!

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Gordon graduated with honors from Washington and Lee University School of Law and has spent his whole career living and working in Washington State. He and his wife Jessica live in Bellingham with their dog Marco and cat Wolfgang. Both lovers of the outdoors, they spend their free time biking Galbraith Mountain, snowboarding at Mount Baker, and enjoying Washington’s wilder spaces.

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